Light in the Piazza

In A Central Square
Franca and Giuseppe
The Joy You Feel
The Joy You Feel
A moment in Octet
Cast and Crew on Opening Night


Edgar Met Elmira
Saturday Intermission Pic

On The Town

On the Town Cast
Ozzie seduces Claire
Jurassic Dance
Some Other Time

Closer Than Ever

She Loves Me Not
Bear Tiger Hamster and the Mole
Life Story
Three Friends
Cast and crew opening night

A Chorus Line

The cast backstage closing night
The Line close up
The full line
One finale


Marie Lombardi advises Michael
Vince tells a joke

Legally Blonde

Genevieve the Delta Nu in OMG!
Jamaican Me Crazy!
What You Want, Final Pose
Whipped into Shape!
11Cast Picture Backstage, Closing Night

Bernarda Alba

Angustias is caught powdering her face
Trying to understand why things don't get better
The sewing circle
I Can't Hear Him in My Heart
I Can't Hear Him in My Heart 2
The battle with El Duende begins.
Bernarda Alba photo shoot - Rock Star Edition


Don't Tell Mama
Mein Herr
Cliff and Sally
Sally had HAD IT.

The 39 Steps

Richard Hannay and Annabella Schmidt
Annabella's death
Dinner at the Crofter's
The Rear Window
Meet Pamela.
Psycho meets the moors
The 39 Steps family photo

The Drowsy Chaperone

The Oops Girl
Feldzieg begs Janet to return to the stage
Janet, times 3!
A little Fritz Lang!
Our fabulous press shot
The cast backstage on closing night

Sophisticated Ladies

Hit Me With a Hot Note reveal
Hot Note final pose
I loved performing Satin Doll with the fabulous Jon Peterson!
No one would dance with me in Imagine My Frustration, I donÕt know why. I was hot!
Mood Indigo with the gorgeous Carly Hughes
Francesca Harper and I loving the Finale

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

The Time Warp dance for Columbia
Sweet Transvestite
The principles
and pain.
my sisters boy
Final pain pose

Smokey Joe's Cafe

The cast backstage with Chet Walker and Jonathan Phelps
I Keep ForgettinÕ
Kansas City rehearsal
The ladies of the Neighborhood
Music rehearsal
Love Me/DonÕt

Evil Dead the musical

Ash and the two babes
Ash giving me the necklace
Cabin in the Woods
The discovery in the cellar
Bloody at the end of Act II, that night I was The Hand too!
About to Necro!
Alan Rickman with myself and Jenna Coker Jones
Teller with the cast
The Ladies of the Evil Dead with the Ladies of Evil Dead the Musical
Myself and Bruce Campbell, Opening night.
Renee Feder, Jenna Coker Jones, myself, Hinton Battle and Bruce Campbell, our reaction to Broadway ticket prices!
On The View with producer Jeffrey Latimer

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

Milly and the girls
The proposal 
Milly and Adam meet
Through Your Eyes
Jen Byrne, mountain style!

It's Karate, Kid! The Musical

My beach party dance
MiyagiÕs Compassion. I think I might have smeared my lipstick.
MovinÕ to Receda dance break
Mrs L. and Johnny
Unsavory Things
You Learned It From Watching Mom!


All I Need is the Girl
If Mama were Married with Sarah Stiles
Little Lamb with Magnolia, the baby goat and stuffed friends.
Mama offering makeup advice to a sold out Louise.
The big reveal. Hi Dad!



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